Removals and Storage Facilities In Melbourne


Moving across different states is usually a costly affair especially if you are transiting through a number of regions. The cost as well as the risk of loss or damage also rises as the volumes increase. To minimize such expenses it is always advisable to scale down before packing the items. This may involve selling some items, discarding old or worn out items, and also donating to charity. This ensures you only move with the necessary items and also bring down the cost of relocating.

There are always situations when you do not have enough space in the house, business premise, or office to store all the material you have and you wish to move the materials that are not required to a safe place for use later. Removal and storage by a reputable and experienced company like is the perfect solution for all your self storage requirements. Here we have the latest surveillance technology coupled with cameras that makes it easy for us to survey your property throughout the day and night. We carry out all the packing supplies you may require , the company has wrapping paper, tape, cushion foam and enviro-bubble just to name a few.

Be sure to get everything discussed in writing, right down to the last details, and exspecially make not of your most valuable items and take photos of them in case of damage while moving.

The storage location is accessible by cars or commercial trucks, safety and security of your personal belongings is the ultimate priority of the company. It has moving trucks for rent; the trucks are of different sizes and can cater for any need that may arise. Whatever your needs are during movement the firm will provide all the facilities to necessitate the move. There is a mini storage unit to fit any personal or commercials needs of the clients, the storage is clean and ready for the needs of the customers.

houseAt our removalist Melbourne location, the storage facilities are at ground level, which makes accessibility easier, and all the units are accessible 24 hours a day. The electronic gate, lighted units, and live-in manager on site are some of the qualities of the storage facility. High quality customer service is the priority of the company and the professional staff is able to guide you through all your requirements and how you want your property to be placed in the storage unit. We have convenient locations throughout the year, for first time customers there is a special package for them, the firm has been in operation for several years now and has experience in cargo handling and storage logistics. The facility has multiple units, which means the client cannot pay for extra space that they do not require, all units can fit personal or business property. You can store anything from boats, cars, electronics, furniture among other things that you may need to store. The security is impeccable because the client can choose the kind of locks he or she wants to be put on the door at affordable costs. The facility is then accessible to the client anytime they want to pick their stuff or want to check their condition. Most people prefer to use disc locks because of maximum security and heavy materials they are made of. Why not choose Melbourne storage for your storage needs?